Accounting online in Poland

We offer the accounting online software in Poland under It is dedicated to limited companies that are required to follow double-booking entry accounting rules.

The accounting software provides:

Double booking entry in Poland

Double booking entry

Our software is dedicated to any organization that is mandated to use double booking entry accounting.

accounting journals in Poland

Journals is easy to start with. It has implemented typical journal registers that allow booking standard document types like invoices, payments and etc. 

accounting document modification in Poland

Easy document modification

All documents can be modified until journal is closed. P&L reports and balance sheet can be created before journal is closed.

Polish Chart of Accounts

Flexible Chart of Accounts

You get standard Chart of Accounts at the beginning. It can be easily modified.

Multi-currency accounting software online in Poland


Documents can be created in any currency. End of the day all journal entries have to be booked in Polish zloty. Automatic calculation is based on exchange rates that are fed automatically from Polish central bank.

quick entries in accounting software online in Poland

Quick entries

You can speed up booking of typical documents by using quick entries.

Księgowość stowarzyszenia

... and many others provides will lot of functionality that support typical business processes: stock management, manufacturing, sales and many other.


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