focus on your business

If you do the business in Poland, and prefer focusing on your business (not on accounting rules, which at first glance would not be just easy), we offer on-line system combined with accounting office services. You can access your data from anywhere, at any time in English and everything will be run according to Polish accounting rules for you. We will ensure an accounting office that will provide bookkeeping in an online system - Thanks to English interface you will see your numbers in language you know.

You can make use of the accounting offices in several places in Poland. They offer professional accounting services based on the online system and they will provide a superior service in English. You can monitor your company's finances, taxes, invoices and all other necessary information, and everything is kept under the control and supervision of the accounting people.

You can also access the invoicing module. Invoices are automatically recorded in books, eliminating the necessity of entering them manually to the accounting.

Recommended offices right now: