Stock management online offers stock management online module integrated with accounting.

Multi-currency, multi-location stock management ensures booking of all in and out documents in journal.

Stock management module:

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Inventory made easy

Your stock moves come directly to your books. On the other hand they can be reverted if something wrong.

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All documents you need

Whatever documents you need - they're all on hand. You can receive notes, move them around and deliver. All of them will have representation in the journal so no need to entry them twice.

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Use tablets to make it easeir

Typical Android/iOS tablets can be used to scan items and submit documents.

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Typical workflows are avialble. For instance from sales order, through direct delivery to an invoice. Advance to the next step just with few clicks.

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Report your inventory online

Have access to your inventory numbers from any location, from your PC or phone. Value can be provided per location, per group or per item.

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Integrated manufacturing

Create your work orders that are integrated with your inventory. Assembly, dissassemble or more advanced manufacturing are available.

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